We don’t have marketing automation in place

"We'd like to implement a marketing automation system."
Your business has reached the point where automating lead management, lead nurturing, scoring and campaigns has become a necessity

First, welcome to the party! You’re not late per-se, but let’s say the tasty hors d'oeuvres are already gone and we think the host is pissed drunk. 

If that's your challenge, then you, or your organization, must be experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

a. Sales complain about high volume of low-quality leads assigned to them

b. Conversion rates within the funnel, from lead to qualified lead to opportunity, are below industry standards

c. Your CRM data indicates there are too many 'black holes' leads in different buying stages got sucked into 

Let our experts carry the burden for you end to end - from selection, through implementation, to ongoing operations

You may have already decided what marketing automation system is right for your business or organization, are still on the fence, or not even sure where to start. Worry not! We’ve got the consulting & execution chops required to help you:

a. Evaluate the available vendor options and make decisions based on what’s best for the business (vs. what the friend of your neighbor told you based on their cousin’s experience ;)

b. Understand your priorities and decide how to optimally combine short term wins with long term gains

c. Set a well defined project plan and timeline for the implementation

d. Configure & customize your marketing automation instance to address your unique business environment
e. Ensure all the relevant stakeholders in your organization are aligned and collaborating to ensure the success of the implementation

Our marketing automation implementation service is offered for the following vendor selections

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