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By Idan Carmeli 14 Feb, 2017
In this LinkedIn post , I explore three themes that inhibit the achievement of accurate Lead-to-Revenue visibility within B2B organizations.
By Idan Carmeli 25 Jan, 2017
Marketo has been communicating this architectural change to its customers worldwide since August of 2016, yet only lately it has become clearer that the change will affect more than a few fields. Specifically this is true for Marketo customers whose Salesforce CRM edition is the Professional edition.

Tip: if you're unsure which edition your Salesforce org is running on, log in to your account there and simply hover the cursor on the browser tab where Salesforce loaded. The tab tooltip will show you the edition.

If you're not a Salesforce Pro user, you can stop reading here; the change won't affect you beyond the 16 fields that you were asked by Marketo to recreate in Salesforce (see here , Marketo login required).
By Idan Carmeli 21 Dec, 2016
It's hard to overstate the degree to which Marketo's Email Editor 2.0 has improved on the previous generation. In fact, it has become, in one fell swoop, the most powerful email editor in the marketing automation space - and we know quite a few of them very well.

One of its most striking features is the use of variables to expose many aspects of email design and functionality to the editor's user interface, enabling users to quickly and easily manipulate their email's elements, without resorting to source code edits or fighting the whims of the rich text editor.

To fully benefit from this feature, though, it's important to understand the two types of variables available to you: global and local. Mastering them and configuring your templates accordingly can greatly improve your (or your users') email editing experience in Marketo.
By Idan Carmeli 15 Dec, 2016
One of the key functions of any marketing operations role, or system, is to ensure the proper handling of new leads. Depending on your business process implementation, this may involve any combination of the following sub-procedures:

  1. Auto response triggering
  2. Email address validation
  3. Tagging the record with complementary information, e.g. inbound campaign data, automated record enrichment data, etc.
  4. Basic de-duplication, i.e. identifying the pre existence of a database record with similar key values and preventing the creation of a duplicate record
  5. Advanced de-duplication, i.e. identifying the pre-existence of a database record and initiating processes like record linking, record merging, deletion or human decision request.
  6. Lead scoring, e.g. based on the demographic details included in the inquiry
  7. Syncing to CRM, or the suppression of sync
  8. Assignment to lead owner or queue, including sending out email alerts or CRM notifications to the record owner
  9. Associating the lead to a campaign object, useful for future first-touch or multi-touch ROI analysis
By Idan Carmeli 06 Dec, 2016
OK, here's the story. Converto is a B2B marketing automation services agency .  Every word in this phrase means something, so let's break it down, shall we?

B2B Marketing = differentiated from consumer (B2C) marketing. B2B marketing encompasses a huge sphere of marketing practices, know-how and technologies, which all boil down to this: there are businesses that sell stuff to other businesses and it's the marketing department's role to facilitate those sales. (OK it's a bit reductionist but let's keep things simple for now.)

Marketing Automation = the brilliant marketing people at said B2B firms often use technologies to assist them in doing their job. One such technology, if not the most important of them, is marketing automation . Briefly, these are software systems, often cloud based, that serve as the operating system of the marketing department. Those systems manage marketing data, organize and execute programs and campaigns, connect to other customer data systems like CRM and the website, and basically are key to the successful execution of most marketing strategies that your typical B2B marketing department employs.

Services Agency = at Converto, our primary function is to serve B2B marketers who use marketing automation systems. In other words, we are first and foremost service providers , and our clients come to us because we are recognized as experts in providing specific services . We are not a full service agency. We are not a studio. We are not a social media marketing agency. We don't do SEO or PPC. In short, what we are is a highly specialized service provider.
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