Converto FAQ


>>  Who are you?

We're a specialized marketing agency that serves B2B marketers who are either considering or have already implemented a marketing automation system to power their efforts.

Our team consists of experienced marketing specialists, as well as certified automation experts. Both excel at understanding customer requirements and turning them into effective marketing automation-driven programs.

>> Do I Need a B2B Marketing Automation System?

Well, let's put it this way: if B2B Marketing is your game, then a marketing automation system can pull quite a few nifty tricks for your business. At its best, it can drive more quality leads through your pipeline,  improve your marketing processes, give your marketers and sales people better tools, and in general upgrade your department to the level of global best-in-class marketing operations.

While every marketing operation can benefit from automation, actually implementing one is a matter of priority, specific pains, and organization readiness to adopt it. We can help you figure out if you're ready for a marketing automation system.

>> What Do You Do?

In short: we're a Marketo services agency.

In not so short: what we do basically depends on your objectives - from introducing you to the marvelous world of B2B Marketing Automation, through supplying assistance with your existing platform (both technical and content wise), up to using our experts as part of your site, as a "Front Office" team - It's up to you.
Our goal is to make sure our clients improve their business results through better marketing - from strategy to tactical implementation, performance measurement, and data-driven decisions.

>>  Sounds Good, Can You Be More Specific?

No Problem! Here are some of the things we can do for you:

- Consult on marketing automation vendor selection & comparison
- Develop the implementation strategy
- Map and define business processes impacted by marketing automation
- Plan and execute personalized engagements that drive funnel progress
- Collect insights that drive quality conversions within your funnel
- Implement effective Lead Nurturing programs
- Reach new target markets through research and intelligent prospecting
- Develop & put in place data management strategies

And Quite a Lot More.

>>  Why Should we Work with You Anyway?!

Because you want to work with:
- The largest team of Marketo certified experts and consultants in Israel
- An agency with unparalleled Marketo 'mileage'  (it's next to impossible to surprise us on this platform)
- A team that perfectly combines marketing and technology in its DNA
- An agency that works with some of the top names in our market: Amdocs, Taboola, and Panaya, to name just a few.

But most of all, you should work with us because all we care about is making you succeed.
>>  OK, How do we Work Together?

Glad you asked. We have several modes of operation, simply pick yours or talk to us to explore the path that works best for your company.

Consulting: this is where we share with you our expertise and experience, serving as trusted guides to your own team in its journey to automation. This type of engagement is typically priced by the hour.

Hands-on Consulting: same as above, except we add our signature top-notch execution services to the mix. This can be either a by-the-hour service, or a monthly fixed price.

Marketo Operations: where we allow you to use us as your Marketo back-office, front-office, or a combination of both. Can be either a by-the-hour service, or a monthly fixed price.

>>  And Who Have You Worked With?

We’ve worked with small startup companies, as well as multinational corporations, helping them to identify and dispense marketing automation best practices, throughout their organization. Our list of clients includes Duda, Appsflyer, Panaya, Amdocs, Taboola, Earnix, CEVA, Comigo, and more.
>>  Where Are You Located?

In Ramat Ha'Sharon, Israel. Wanna drop by for coffee? 
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