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Extend your Marketo Team without Breaking Budgets

A B2B business can’t survive in today’s world without a well-oiled machine of marketing automation.  As machines go, Marketo is, arguably, king of its domain. And what is it that all kings have?  

Well, Knights, of course. 
It is quite possible you already have your own resident Marketo knight now, or you're thinking of hiring new staff to power your automation-driven marketing machine, in order to conquer new grounds in your business. Should you go down that path, you’re likely to face two issues almost immediately:

  • The relevant talent and skill sets are relatively new, so the supply of ready to hire marketing technologists is low
  • Building the team in-house is expensive, both in terms of direct and indirect staffing costs.

Hiring untrained staff will:
  • Cost you in ramp-up time which your new employees should really spend learning the specifics of your business.
  • Cost you in office space, salaries and benefits.
  • Cost you in head count.

Not to mention the risk of losing all the above investment should the employee abandon ship too early. Don’t forget, for marketing technologists, including marketing automation implementers, the demand far outweighs the supply today.
The solution? Why not get the ultimate marketing weapon and the army that operates it, all at once?

Meet your shiny armored Knights of Converto.
We work as one unit, combining all relevant aspects of running a Marketo-driven demand generation engine, under one roof, as a well-trained group of marketing chevaliers.

There’s really no reason to try and rely on individuals, talented as they may be, to do the experts’ work:
  • Instead of one person, you get a team of trained and certified Marketo professionals
  • Ramp up time can be as low as a couple of days so your marketing efforts avoid the hiccups usually associated with new employee onboarding
  • Benefit from our combined ‘mileage’ of thousands of service hours on the Marketo platform
There is more than one way you can benefit from our services:
  • Use our services on your site, as a Front Office team.
  • Use our service on remote service, as a Back Office unit.
  • Or just our marketing warriors on both battlefields - Front and Back Offices, combined.
Time IS Money, and we’ll give you the best value for the time spent on all the multiple fronts. 
We always save the princess, and we never take prisoners.

To learn more, hit the button below and let's chat.
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