I want to learn how others do it

"I’m Interested in Learning from the Experience of Others"
You execute marketing automation programs in your own echo chamber and feel like you're repeatedly 'inventing the wheel' 

Ah, “best practices”. Don’t you just love them? a codeword for “we know stuff that you don’t.” We prefer the more accurate term “what’s worked (or not) for other people who’ve done it before.” Sure, it’s longer and as catchy as a migraine, but it perfectly captures the essence. 

There’s plenty of sense in learning from the experience of our peers:

a. 80% of B2B marketing works the same across industries and verticals - whether you’re selling ERP software or business services, the principles are pretty much constant

b. Consequently, our peers are likely facing challenges similar to those that trouble our own sleep, and vice versa.
Work with an agency that exposes you to common (and less common) practices in your industry that address your challenges

Here’s how we can help, if that’s your fix:

a. Implicitly, we constantly tweak our work methods to reflect our collective experience serving clients such as yourself

b. Also, when you engage with either our account management team, or the marketing automation experts that comprise our back-office department, you’ll often receive advice that is informed by their experience running similar processes in other projects

c. In addition, we regularly prompt our clients to conduct brainstorming sessions where we raise our collective heads above the turbulent waters of the day-to-day and discuss strategies, present case studies, and share learnings

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