Lead Nurture Project Template

Got Lead Nurture on your Mind?
Relax, We've Got your Back

Download Converto's Planning Template and Get your Project Going in No Time.
As a B2B marketer, no doubt your plans for 2016 include launching a few nurture programs for your leads. After all, you're not spending top dollars on acquisition just to see your leads flounder through a disjointed middle-of-funnel experience, right?

No worries. Today, you can build on our proven experience by downloading  the same template we've been using to manage similar projects for clients such as Amdocs, Taboola, Earnix, CEVA and many others.

What's included?

The template provides both structure and placeholders for you to develop your plan, and, once it goes live, to easily report and even optimize it. Topics covered include:
  • Objectives & KPI's
  • Personas
  • Audience segments
  • Entry and exit criteria
  • Cadence
  • Response actions
  • Emails: headers and contents

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