Marketo and Salesforce Integration: Addressing Information Security Concerns

  • By Idan Carmeli
  • 08 Sep, 2016

Occasionally, a client will raise some concerns about information security with regards to its Marketo implementation and its integration with Salesforce. Here are some pointers to helpful resources that can help alleviate InfoSec anxiety.

Information Security concerns are always valid, end of argument. If you're a business, and you run part or all of it online, infosec should be on your mind. When it comes to marketing automation, concerns may be raised due to the fact that such systems require integration to the CRM in order to run smoothly and to result in the desirable improvement in marketing-sales business processes.

So should you, the B2B marketer or Marketo implementer, run into such concerns, we've collected a few helpful resources and pointers:
Marketo Trust
  This web page provides detailed information on Marketo's "multi-layered approach to protect and monitor all your information." It should be your first stop whenever infosec issues are raised by your organization.

Marketo -Salesforce sync overview and details
It's crucial for your IT and InfoSec experts to understand how the Marketo-Salesforce integration works, so they can make informed decisions. Most important is knowing which objects are 'touched' by the Marketo sync user in Salesforce and what are the permissions that govern it:

  • Salesforce Objects with full Read/Write permissions: Lead, Contact
  • Salesforce Objects with partial Read/Write permissions: Campaign, Activity 
  • SFDC Objects with Read only permissions: Account, Opportunity, Users

Marketo is implemented within well over 3,000 organizations worldwide, many of them are public, global companies with extensive information security protocols and governance measures. Letting your internal, concerned stakeholders know about the identity of some of them could go a long ways towards making them appreciate its security measures.

Here are some public, global companies that work with Marketo and/or Salesforce:  CA Technologies, GE, Panasonic, Citrix, Canon, Hyundai, Amdocs, and many more. 

It's worth knowing that  over 90% of Marketo customers are also Salesforce customers. The rest have other CRMs like Dynamics or SAP or no CRM at all. Crucially,  wherever there is CRM, Marketo is (almost) ALWAYS integrated to it.

The Converto Logs

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Disclaimer: this article and anything written in it does not constitute legal advice, and any interpretation of it as such is the sole responsibility of the interpreter. Our purpose is to collect and organize in a single location the information we’ve gathered about GDPR from public domain sources, such as the UK’s ICO, as a service to the public, and specifically to our clients, actual and prospective.

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