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1. Marketo Implementation

For organizations that have just selected Marketo as their platform
First, congrats on an excellent choice! Of all marketing technologies, Marketo is the only one we practically guarantee will meet your requirements regardless of your size, growth or scale, today - or any time in the future!

Now, let's get you started properly. Our Technical Integration & Core CRM Implementation service package will ensure:
  • Your Marketo instance is optimally provisioned
  • Your Marketo & Salesforce data sync processes are well configured
  • Your historic marketing database is  correctly uploaded
  • Your website visitors are properly tagged by Marketo
  • Your email configuration is set up for maximum deliverability
  • Your leads are scored

Looking to optimize your Lead Lifecycle Management?

No worries! Once you select our 'CRM Advanced' service package, one of our experienced consultants will engage with your organization in:
  • Interviewing the relevant stakeholders
  • Mapping your current lead lifecycle management processes and identifying its gaps
  • Designing new, Marketo-powered lifecycle processes
  • Implementing the new process and putting in place the necessary governance measures

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2. Marketing Enablement

With Marketo fully configured, it's time to put in place the templates that will ensure your marketing programs run smoothly, look great and produce measurable results.
Marketing Program Templates

Marketo's programs are a godsend for B2B marketers. They allow you to manage your programs' data, processes, assets, reports - all at the same place.

Using our time-tested, best practice program templates, we will set you up to deploy successful programs for:

  • Email and Landing Page campaigns
  • Webinars - including integrations to webinar platforms such as GoToWebinar, Webex, ON24 and more.
  • Multi channel, multi touch engagement (nurture) programs
  • End to end event management, from invites to personalized, sales aligned followups
Once set up, we will execute one program in full on your behalf, and train your internal resources on (re) using it.
Marketing Asset Templates

Marketing success, as you already know, relies not only on good data and a well configured marketing platform, but, perhaps primarily, on your ability to deliver expertly designed experiences.

That's where our repeated expertise in creating strong marketing assets comes in play. Our highly experienced team will:
  1. Work with yours to producecustom designs for emails & landing pages, or
  2. Utilize Converto-recommended templates, adapting them to your custom requirements while retaining full compatibility
  3. Create responsive HTML code to ensure your content appears as it should on different devices and form factors 
  4. Implement well formed asset templatesso you can benefit in full from Marketo's excellent editors and state-of-the-art templating and personalization system
Whether you need to create assets from scratch, or refresh your old inventory of templates, Converto can help.

Let's Templatize the Hell out of Marketo!

3. Marketo Operations

Got the technology but not the skills? Team just lost its only expert? Need to expand? 
Whether you require on-site Markteo experts, a few support hours, or the full managed package, we've got it.
B2B marketing automation has been around less than a decade, and already it has achieved table stakes status: everyone must have one, or drop behind.

Yet the matching skill sets in the market evolve slower than technologies . Specifically, there is real shortage in experienced consultants and in skilled, professional marketing automation implementers.

This is where Converto comes in.
If you're a Marketo customer, we provide three different types of professional services:
  1. Consulting: your machine chugs along nicely, but you think it can be improved
  2. Front Office: On-Premise staffing at scale
  3. Back Office: Flexible remote support from our ultra responsive staff
  4. Front & Back Office: Full Managed Services Operations - basically, we run the shop for you, end to end.
To learn more, hit the button below and let's chat.

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4. Value Added Services

The success of your marketing efforts is highly dependent on the quality of your data, the integrity of your data management processes, and your ability to achieve insights from your analytics
Our value added services are designed specifically to address two key issues present in any marketing operation: data & analytics.

Data Management 

Let our experienced experts manage all aspects of your day to day marketing data activities:
  • Normalize your data prior to upload
  • Upload CSV data from your offline events
  • Monitor the integrity of your online data entry procedures
  • Configure your Marketo to perform routine, rules-based data management functions
Data Enrichment

In order to run effective communication programs, personalization & targeting are crucial. Both are predicated on the availability of rich data, based on which effective segments may be created, and personalized messages delivered.

We provide offline data enrichment services that will greatly improve the quality and cleanliness of your data, allowing you to run ever more sophisticated and successful programs.
Funnel Reporting & Analytics

While the concepts of funnel reporting and requirements are well familiar to most B2B marketers, many find it challenging to produce, systematically and efficiently, the type of reports that Marketo is, ironically, famous for producing.

One reason is that the true power of funnel, ROI and program analytics in Marketo require the use of its advanced analytics module, also known as Revenue Explorer, a premium add-on which is included in the Select edition or higher.

Once enabled, Converto's consultants will help you:
  • Produce incredibly powerful performance reports on your marketing funnel and revenue performance
  • Analyze your reports in order to arrive at meaningful insights
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