About Taboola

Taboola is the world’s largest content discovery platform, serving content recommendations to over 1B people every month. Taboola helps publishers, such USA Today, Eurosport, NBC News, Globes and Walla monetize their sites, drive higher engagement and build a loyal audience. Advertisers use Taboola to reach targeted audiences through sponsored content campaigns. 

One of Israel’s fastest growing Internet companies, Taboola has quickly become a global brand name.

How it Started

Taboola’s Marketing team has recognized early on the need to manage, orchestrate and streamline its demand generation and customer retention strategies in a comprehensive, CRM- and Web-aware marketing automation platform. For this purpose, Taboola has selected Marketo Lead Management.

Taboola has selected Converto as its service provider in implementing Marketo within the organization. The implementation started in mid 2015.

The Goal: Streamlining Acquisition & Nurturing with Marketo

Implementation encompassed multiple marketing processes, technology systems and organizational units. The first part of the project consisted of two phases: 

Phase 1: Establish core marketing business processes
1) Streamline campaign management. During this phase, Converto has worked closely with Taboola’s team to:
  1. - Integrate Marketo with Taboola’s Salesforce CRM
  2. - Import marketing lists from previously used email campaign delivery systems
  3. - Create, implement and train Taboola staff in using a set of email templates to facilitate the creation of campaign emails
2) Consolidate lead acquisition. During this phase, Converto:
  1. - Integrated Taboola’s website forms fully retaining UX and enhancing data tagging and process triggering through automation
  2. - Integrated Marketo with a third party landing page management platform
  3. - Implemented Marketo program architecture to better organize, manage and report on campaigns
3) Smooth out marketing-sales touch points. In this phase, Converto has:
  1. - Designed and put in place lead lifecycle management processes
  2. - Created and implemented a lead scoring mechanism
  3. - Trained Taboola’s staff on leveraging Marketo’s Sales Insight module
Once these core business processes were in place, and by the end of 2015, it was time for the second phase.

Phase 2: develop lead nurture protocols to increase quality audience engagements

During this phase, Converto’s team worked closely with Taboola’s in the planning, design and execution of multiple, multi-step lead engagement (nurture) tracks. Leads and contacts were assigned to various engagement streams based on their expressed interest.

Here are a few of the objectives that the various engagement programs targeted:
  1. Classification: Identify the solution sought by a lead when this information wasn’t provided in their initial inquiry
  2. Education: Provide informative, relevant content to increase the lead’s understanding of Taboola’s product fit to their business, and prepare them for the right time to engage with a sales representative
  3. Re-engagement: resume contact with past and dormant advertisers to encourage them to renew usage and spend on Taboola’s platform
  4. Self-service onboarding: augment and improve self-service customer experience through state-aware, well-planned automated emails.
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