We’re only using it for email marketing!

"We're only using it for email marketing!"
A marketing automation system is in place, but its utilization is sub-optimal - it serves primarily as an email marketing tool

You’ve implemented a Marketo, ,Pardot or Hubspot before. The implementation was done by professionals and everything was set up as it should, complete with revenue lifecycle stages, autoresponders, alerts, scoring - the whole shebang. 

Yet somehow, the full potential of the system remains untapped, as it’s being used almost exclusively for email marketing programs. Basically , you’re using an SUV to drive to the grocery store.

Here’s what your target audience may be missing: 

a. Being communicated to in a coordinated manner across multiple channels
b. Having conversations with fully informed sales reps, tuned to their need
c. Getting armed with the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time

Instead, they’re receiving what they perceive as a random stream of email campaigns, getting calls from your sales reps who aren’t fully up to speed with where they are as a prospect, and in general, getting the kind of non-personal that typically leads to disengagement.
Execute a phased program for increasing your utilization of the platform, focusing on quick wins and building internal trust

Tighten up the loose ends of your marketing & sales processes with well designed internal flows and orchestrated demand programs

If you feel you’re under-utilizing your marketing automation setup, we have some fairly quick and painless fixes to offer. Our guiding principle is achieving relatively quick wins that will prove the system’s power to serve your business goals well beyond running email campaigns. It can take the shape of:

a. Devising powerful dashboards for your team and for the executive branch
b. Putting together a few impactful drip campaigns or nurture programs
c. Introducing 3rd party tools that can augment the power of your current setup

Maintaining an effective, productive marketing automation instance is a lot like maintaining a relationship. You have to actively care for it and invest energy to produce the required results. If your love affair with your system has gone stale over the years, we can help reinvigorate it.
Release your marketing automation setup from its shackles

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