We’d like to understand ROI and gain insights

"We need to know the ROI of our marketing automation system"
You're unsure whether your investment in marketing automation has borne any fruits

Take a deep breath and make yourself comfortable: you’re not alone. B2B marketers continuously struggle with uncovering, and proving, the value of the technologies they use, and marketing automation is no exception. 

Depending on whether you’re using Marketo, Salesforce Pardot or Hubspot, the interfaces and practices will vary, but the bottom line is always the same: none of these tools has a button you can push that would generate a Return on Investment value. 

What they all have, though, with (sometimes wildly) varying degrees of ease of use, is the potential to generate the metrics that would eventually lead to the uncovering of an ROI value. 
Set a clear destination for your reporting 

With a clear goal in sight, we’ll offer our sure hands navigating you towards it. First, we’ll help you put the basics in place. To determine whether they are, we’ll ask you questions like: 

a. What is the fidelity, and integrity, of your CRM data?
b. What are the data flows between your MA (marketing automation) and CRM?
c. How are deals recorded in your CRM? For example, if you’re using Salesforce, is the use of Contact Roles standardized?

Then, with the visibility switch on your data and system infrastructure turned full on, it will be time to devise some strategies for measuring your marketing efforts. 

We’ll suggest - and help you implement, be it on the marketing system or on Salesforce - the automation rules, the data enrichment tactics, and the principles governing data integrity, to ensure you achieve your reporting goals.
Release your marketing automation setup from its shackles

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