We need integrated lead nurture programs

"Our Marketing Automated 
Programs Run in Abandoned Silos:
We Launched then Forgot about Them"
You're using your Marketo, Pardot or Hubspot systems to run one-off email campaigns or drip programs with little alignment with sales, or the business

With a marketing automation system at your disposal, you have already put in place the foundations for communicating consistently with your audience. Yet the results are less than satisfying; specifically, you’re struggling with:

a. Understanding the impact your lead nurture programs have on your funnel performance

b. Tweaking your programs to address various lead flow scenarios: different sources, multiple prospect interest groupings, etc.

c. Expanding beyond the email channel to other customer interaction channels

Since your sales teams rely on the steady in-flow of nurtured leads, restarting from scratch may not be the right approach here. Rather, it’s a matter of looking at the situation from a different angle, and applying the right kind of a touch at the right “pressure points” to make an impact.
Re-imagine your funnel by applying Converto’s Qualify-Nurture-Convert framework

Engage our lead nurture experts and they’ll apply our time-proven QNC framework [link to QNC page] to restructure and inject funnel steroids into your current lead nurture programs. Using QNC will allow you to:

a. Identify the gaps and failure points within your current demand generation & fulfillment programs

b. Develop clear action plans for addressing those gaps

c. Focus your resources where maximum funnel impact can be achieved

d. Have a crisp vision for measuring said impact and optimizing based on it

Importantly, working with Converto doesn’t mean we leave you with a couple of nice design documents as you watch our backs exiting the meeting room. Our experienced execution teams will ensure whatever plan we come up with will be flawlessly implemented on your marketing automation system of choice, so you don’t have to worry about straining your over-worked marketing team.

Here are a few examples of clients where we’ve either put in place new lead nurture programs or augmented existing ones

Developing integrated, automated lead nurture programs on Marketo, that combine signals from inbound channels, content assets and email series to feed business development teams with relevant & timely sales intelligence about prospective accounts.
Main KPIs used: MQLs and influenced opportunities
Client industry: Telecom, B2B
streamlining lead processing flows to increase the quality of leads treated by the sales teams and improve funnel conversion ratios.
Main KPIs used: Number of MQLs, SALs.
Client industry: Cyber, B2B
Note: this project is on-going.
analyzing rich transactional and business data to develop strategies for engaging multiple personas using automated, targeted communications at critical points in their lifecycle.
Client industry: Insurance, B2B
Note:this project is on-going.

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